Restyle: Miu Miu

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Another Elizabeth & James-esque outfit, featuring this super-slouchy lambswool jumper I couldn't pass on at Salvos.

DIY Details
The distressed jeans were S's creation, copying the pattern of a pair of Nobody jeans she already owns.
The Miu Miu-Inspired pumps were surprisingly fiddly to do - the rhinestones need to be individually glued on, as the adhesive backing that came with them was not going to last (especially because they were to go on to shoes).  I like to think that they turned out more classy than horrendously tacky.

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Photos by Sab

Jumper - Salvos ($8.99)
Necklace - Diva, borrowed from S
Sunglasses - borrowed from S
DIY distressed jeans - Anglicare ($8)
DIY Miu Miu-inspired pumps - Red Cross ($6.99)

xx T

P.S. Tomorrow is my birthday!  Woooooo!!!!

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