Restyle: Purple & Dip-Bleached

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Jeans and a button-down.
Sounds boring, but I think it is the go-to combination of both S and myself, this time made less ho-hum with a splash of colour and generous helpings of bleach!

DIY Details
These dip-bleached jeans have been doing the rounds on the blogosphere, and S & I thought it was high time we also joined the party.  Essentially, the instructions involve leaving the desired parts submerged in bleach for hours on end.
A very simple DIY!
There's a better picture of these Miu Miu-inspired pumps in another outfit post - really, if you can apply glue to small areas and not make a huge mess, this is also an easy DIY project.

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Photos by Sab

Shirt - Red Cross ($4.95)
DIY dip-bleached jeans - Anglicare ($3)
Belt - Country Road
DIY Miu Miu-inspired pumps - Salvos ($6.99)

xx T


  1. these are A-MAZE! Can't wait to try some myself xx

  2. You look gorgeous in these T! The purple colouring works so well with your skintone... Also just quietly I love how you can see all the tiny droplets of rain in these photos! (clearly I haven't looked up close at all the photos yet heh)

  3. Love the purple on you, that colour is amazing. Wow, the bleach, did that smell out the house?! Huge effort!

    Jenelle. x


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