Restyle: Spiked Cuffs

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Baggy knits are mainstay in the treatment of Winter-induced chilliness.
This was one of the first pieces I picked up at my raid of Salvo's in Wanneroo near work - my favourite hidden gem.  It's hand-knitted and has a wonderful cocoon-like shape (perfect for hiding that Winter bulge).

DIY Details
These spiked cuffs were made from the useless tabs off a Dotti skirt S found for me at Anglicare.  I spiked them with the leftovers from my denim vest, and attached some ribbon to the button-holes.  They're easily detachable from the cardigan and also double as some bad-ass ankle cuffs ;)

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Photos by Simon

Baggy cardigan - Salvos ($8.99) - a similar but less chunky version here
Spiked cuffs (from skirt remnants) - Anglicare ($4)
Black t-shirt - Red Cross ($4.95)
Leggings - Luka
Python-print heels - Red Cross ($6)

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  1. What a very rad diy, can't wait to try it out.

  2. Oh don't even get me started on studs!!! Love, love, love and oh love !


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