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Look familiar?
This was the denim vest that made the cut for our shoot photo!  You can't really see the gold spikes in the shot, so I'll excuse you for not recognising it.  S looks perfectly happy in the photo, but in reality she was getting her arms stabbed by the cone-spikes.

DIY Details
The inspiration for the spiked denim vest came from a number of sources, with the final design and distribution of spikes coming from the UNIF Leo jacket (see here, here and here).  The screw-back spikes were bought off eBay - my favourite resource for DIY materials.

The glittery black pumps were originally tan-coloured and destined for icing with some cool gold mini-beads.  However I quickly realised that tiny static plastic pieces were not my friends and ended up scraping them off and re-hashing my usual glitter technique.

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Photos by Simon

DIY spiked denim vest (originally a child's jacket) - Anglicare ($6)
Black top - United Colours of Benetton
Grey skirt - Review
DIY black glitter pumps - Red Cross ($7.95)
Ray-Ban aviators - borrowed from Simon

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