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S & I have some hilarious experiences with this minuscule wetsuit top.
We should probably stop shopping in the children's section so we can avoid getting stuck whilst being "birthed" through the neck-hole.  Thank goodness we had just finished 10 weeks of obstetrics, and thus used some extraction techniques so we didn't have to emergency caesarean the wetsuit...

DIY Details
The wetsuit top looked like it had already been DIY-ed (the arms were chopped off), so all I had to do was neaten up the dodgy snipping job and detach the hood.  Cbf DIY-ing the scuba trend?  Try this or this dress instead.

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Photos by Sab

Wetsuit top - Vinnies ($3)
Jeans - Anglicare ($3)
Pink heels - Asos
Necklace - Diva, borrowed from S
Sunglasses - Karen Walker Number 1 (here)

xx T

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