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Continuing on the current sports-luxe looks I've been sporting (pardon the pun) - keep your eyes peeled on this blog in the following weeks - I give you this Harry-highpants look featuring my two new favourite additions to my wardrobe!

Firstly the shoes.  Spikes and wedge sneakers a-la Ash?  Comfort level over 9000??  Thank you TBA for making these beauties and luring me with your flashy pictures.

Secondly the Gail Sorronda tee.  You might have already spotted it hiding under my fuzzy jacket in the Remedy post on the weekend.  Gail Reid is one of the Australian designers who will be in town for PFF, and for some reason I was instantly obsessed with this crazy shirt.  You can get it here, if you are likewise obsessed with silly (but cool) things.

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Photos by Sab

DIY Necklace
Gail Sorronda tee
Adidas shorts
TBA wedge sneakers

xx T

P.S. PFF is this weeeeeeek!!!
(we probably should choose what to wear on the Restyle Runway soon...)


  1. such a cool outfit! I've totally got my eyes on a pair of those sneakers!


  2. I didn't like the wedge sneakers when I first saw them, but now I keep thinking "hmm, maybe I could wear these with....". Love how you've styled them! :-) xx

  3. You pull this off so well! I also need to choose my runway outfits, I totally can't decide...

    See you then!

    Shell xx

  4. totally cool outfit, the top is mad



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