The Dreamers

The Dreamers

Can't you just feel the Summer vibes oozing from this photo?

It's by Caitlin Worthington, my Perth-based photographer idol, and it was taken at Rottnest for an upcoming fashion show as part of this year's Fremantle Festival!

The event is called "The Dreamers", and it will feature a selection of the port's top designers who will be showcasing pieces from their upcoming collections.  You can get more details by checking out the event page here.  We hear that it'll be a different sort of show, where you'll be able to move around the stages and podiums to check out the fashion from all angles - how exciting!  Be aware however, that numbers are limited so you'll have to RSVP to secure a spot.

The details are:

"The Dreamers"
Moores Building Contemporary Art Gallery, Fremangle
Sunday 4th November
Doors open 6pm, show starts 7pm
18+ only

RSVP to rsvp@alloftheabovecreative.com

The kicker is that S and I won't be able to go, since we'll be in lock-down 11 days out from exams.  So we hope you'll be able to go and enjoy it on behalf of us!

Arghhh, exams ruining everything.

xx T

P.S. stay tuned for details of more Perth events which we probably won't be able to go to - but you certainly can!

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