Black Out

HURRAH with a capital H!
And capital all the other letters too, because we've finally finished exams!!! Exclamation marks galore!!!!!

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Black maxi dress (op shopped), Country Road ballets flats

I scored this dress for a measly $10 & wore it so many times last week.  To an exam (above) with a thin belt to make it drop-waist, to run out to the shops with no accessories whatsoever &  even out for karaoke with a few jewels & nicer shoes.
(As in, I wore some jewels and nice shoes.  They didn't do karaoke.)
Cost per wear is approaching zero, my friends.

This post is particularly appropriate because starting Monday we're taking part in Black Out, a black ban (harharhar) on wearing black.  As serious black-o-holics, I'm not sure how we'll go.

xx S


  1. hehe you ladies will do fine! Can't wait to see how you do xx

  2. Your posts make me laugh & with the blackout thing, I'm like that with white. I guess for me it would be a whiteout? So I would just wear black. You could just wear white (or grey) but that might be cheating in your books.
    Good luck with it!



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