In That Holiday Mood!

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Post-exam happiness!
Feel those holiday vibes?  It's because holidays are in full swing for us - finally!

Here's a blue-toned outfit for the last day of our Black Out challenge.  Yeah I know, the bag is black and that means I've failed today's outfit hah, but the outfit looked incomplete without it so this'll just have to do.  I have much love for this tropical-print Zara skirt; it just sets the mood for a great summer (yeah, even when teamed with a wool jumper on a 25 degree day.  Go figure).

Yeah... you can tell these photos weren't taken this week as the weather has decided to revert to Winter!

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Saba wool jumper
Zara print skirt
Warehouse satchel
Gorman sandals
Karen Walker sunglasses

This Blackout challenge has been quite an illustration of how much black we wear & (truthfully) are not going to stop wearing anytime soon!  Bright colours are awesome, but when you can't even wear your favourite black ballet flats... *sob!*

xx T

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  1. Haha I've been hiding indoors as well for the past few days. But at least my pjs are pink..?


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