NYFW: Shorty

Oh hello, it looks like Elena Perminova has been stealing a bit'o'inspo from LeFancyPants regarding sports shorts.

Ho ho ho, I wish.  Elena is the epitome of fashion-week-street-style.  Not to mention she's vying for the top spot on my girl crush list with Miroslava & Olivia.  (Yeah, first names terms)

First picture from Grazia.it, second by PX

If you want some sporty shorts of your own:

1. Cut some op shopped pants into your desired shape.
2. Hem them, with a curve up at the sides.
3. Sew some piping (available at a craft shop) onto the edges.

Super easy!  Wear with a crop top if you have fab abs/no shame.

xx S

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  1. beautiful pics!
    the first outfit is simply gorgeous.


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