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S is alive and freezing it up overseas!!  So here's a Australian-weather-appropriate post of hers, before she starts off her Winter weather posting from abroad.  And just quietly, uni has given us the green light for our last year of med school.  Now for our final year to to earn the "R" in doctor!

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These are my current MLP (Most Loved Pants, puhlease) because they're made of such soft silk that it basically feels like you're wearing pyjamas.  And now that the MLPs & I have gone through a traumatic life event together (tripping over a mop bucket), I love them all the more.

Quite an art-gallery-opening-appropriate print on the pants, don't you think?

Le Fanciulle (8 of 28).jpg
Le Fanciulle (13 of 28).jpg
Le Fanciulle (14 of 28).jpg

Zara silk pants (via T via eBay! 4th hand pants?)
Country Road tank top (op shopped)
Old shoes
Vintage Glomesh purse
Agate necklace from eBay 

I love printed pants, they make getting dressed so easy!  I'm have taken printed wool pants with me to Europe in the hope of reviving a boring boots + coat combination... we'll see how that turns out.

xx S


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    1. Thanks! I love them too :) (as with anything silk hehe)
      Steph x

  2. Awesome post! And I love zour blog:)
    Follow each other?:)


  3. Living up to the lefancypants name, eh?


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