Just Cos

Can you sum up the style you aim for in a few words?  Unlike those people in the newspaper fashion pages ("chic, classy, elegant" they always reply), I surely cannot.  Summing it up by listing shops is much easier & Cos would be at the top of the list.

A pink & black block colour combination for an evening out:

Stripes & jersey for a day out shopping:

Long line blazer, Shift dress, Chelsea boots, gloves, Metal collar, hat
Breton top, Jersey trousers, shoes, tube bracelet, bag, necklace

It's probably lucky Cos doesn't ship to Australia, but there are a few stores in the UK.  (Uh oh.)

xx S


  1. So much perfection, all in one post. Oh if only COS shipped to Australia (my bank account says thank you, but I'm dreaming of that pink dress...) x

  2. Hahaha YES! "Classy, elegant, comfy" they say, while wearing a teeny tiny sparkly sequin dress and super platform heels. Mum and I always have a laugh over the style descriptions. Love both of these combos though - the top one would be perfect for an upcoming date night in Vancouver.


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