Not Leather Weather...

But I can always make an exception!


Leather pants.

Not something I'd have foreseen myself purchasing in hot dusty Cambodia, but hey, a holiday is still a holiday - and extravagant purchases are (in my mind) even more warranted when you are obliged to go to uni every day in another country.  Plus they were 50% a surprise 70% off from my French Zara-substitute, AXARA (not a very good excuse) and they weren't at a price you'd ever dream of back home (still not a good excuse).  Perhaps I wasn't looking hard enough in Perth?  Nonetheless they're now mine and I'll cry if I want to.

It's far too hot for an outfit post wearing the pants in Phnom Penh, but Karmen in the picture above pretty much sums up my perfect leather-pants-look.  Plus I'm now dreaming of how well they'd go with the Bloch shoes I ordered...  Oops.

xx T


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  1. She brings a certain class to leather pants. I need her jacket! xxx



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