More holiday loot...

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The girls went off for a weekend trip whilst I opted to stay in Phnom Penh and have some quality "me"-time.  Which ultimately ended in a lot of television, Swiss yoghurt, and shopping - plus a spot of sight-seeing to round off my last weekend in Cambodia!

Nobody is here to take my outfit photos, so here's a post full of shameless bathroom selfies.  And yes, somehow I've been adding to my Winter-wardrobe despite the perpetual 30-degree heat; I just couldn't pass up a perfect $30 denim jacket!  

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MNG denim jacket
Cheapie fedora from the chemist
MANGO mirrored aviators
The Face Shop nail polishes & gel eyeliner
Klorane shampoo (smells of peonies - mmmm!)

Crazily enough, today is my final day in Cambodia; how quickly seven weeks has gone by!  It's been such an experience living over here and doing medicine the Khmer way.  I'm off to Bangkok this afternoon so expect plenty more travel updates for the next week, as well as a round-up of our favourite food places in Phnom Penh (just in case you ever visit)!

xx T


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