Wearing The Pants

A great big hole was filled in today.  A big skinny-jean-sized hole that existed in Karrinyup shops & has now been filled with General Pants & Co!  It is General Pants' 3rd shop in WA and to that we say bring on more!

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The lovely team at General Pants showed us around the new shop & we were delighted to discover that this may be the quality denim & basics hub that Karrinyup (our closest shopping centre) was missing.  T graduated towards the khaki, camo and leather-look side of the women's section, whilst S hovered around the denim, florals & even matching floral sets (!!).

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Whilst the denim section was abundant & very tempting, the weather was not of the jeans-trying kind.
What a pity, we'll have to go back!

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Funnily enough, despite our opposite directions shop-wise, we ended up with quite a similar collection of loot.  Loot shoot to come :)  Thanks to Jaharn & the team at General Pants for having us!

Aaaand what would an S&T outing be without icecream.  Gratuitous icecream shot below.

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xx S&T


  1. Can not wait to see what you two purchased! And was great crossing paths with you both, if only for a short second. xx

  2. Quante cose deliziose !!! Kiss


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