Blue Willow

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Forever a floral fanatic (in clothes or otherwise), I immediately associated this dress with the Blue Willow china we used to eat from when we were little.  Add the yellow & I really like this vintage colour scheme!

These sunglasses are one of the new acquisitions to my burgeoning eyewear collection (not spectacles though, sad to say), so expect to see them around LeFanch a lil' bit.  Speaking of LeFanch, the pronunciation guide in the new header has received a lot of feedback, namely ohmygoshisthathowyousayit!?  More info on the blog name here, if you're curioso.

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Dress - c/o Stelly  
Belt - op shopped
 Necklace - DIY
Clutch - Seafolly
Sunglasses - Le Specs Runaways

First day back at uni today, send us some cheery vibes if you have some spare!

xx S


  1. great photos! i love the dress >;)

  2. I love that dress steph! It's such a flattering shape and the pattern does remind me a lot of old school china patterns haha


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