Phnom Penh: Where to Eat

I've been home from Cambodia & Bangkok for a week today, so I guess it's high time I get my act together and put up some more travel posts.  But looking back at my photos from Cambodia has revealed that what we really did for the 6 weeks we were there was eat our way around our end of town...  Also I have a lot of food photos because I'm Asian and am obliged to document everything I eat.

We ate local food at the hospital, but at night time we'd usually go sooth our home-sick bellies with non-Khmer cuisine, which was surprisingly very good and varied in Phnom Penh.  So here's a round-up of our favourite haunts for those who plan to visit!  Stay tuned this week for a Bangkok shopping post for you shopaholic travel-bugs.

Number 17, Street 278, Phnom Penh
Photo 1

Happa markets itself as a Japanese restaurant, and in this aspect it's not a winner.  However, the food (call it "fusion" if you will) tastes good and is all reasonably priced - we payed a grand $3 each for about 5 small dishes shared between 6 of us, with rice and drinks.  The place is also quite clean, which is a bonus!  Make sure you order the teppanyaki mushrooms.

Chicken noodle soup ^_^Duck noodle soup

Preah Ang Eng, Phnom Penh

This restaurant has delicious Chinese-style noodles which are hand-made fresh in front of you.  We love the pork dumplings or the duck, which are only an extra 50c to a dollar more than the usual $2.  The owner gives some of his proceeds towards a school in his hometown, and will give you a lecture informative talk about it if the place isn't busy.

Le Fanciulle (9 of 115).jpgLe Fanciulle (11 of 115).jpgLe Fanciulle (12 of 115).jpg

Number 182, Norodom Blvd, Sangkat Tonle Basak, Phnom Penh
Photos 2-5

Save up those pennies; this place isn't cheap, but it sure is fancy and the French food is absolutely divine.  We had naughty foie gras and the house red and white, which were both lovely.  Make sure you order the chocolate fondant for dessert!    

Dinner at Taqueria Corona - BEST TEX-MEX!
Soft tacos

Number 14E, Street 51, Phnom Penh

Best. Mexican. In. Town.  (not that we tried any other, but it was damn good)
The chef/owner hails from California, so you know it's being done right.  
Recommended: all good - chicken fajitas are a smart choice (enough for two people).  And frozen margaritas come by the jug!

Number 6C, Street 29, Phnom Penh

This quelled our pizza-cravings after our initial horror experience at dodgy pizza joint.  Luna serves wood-fired pizzas with traditional and gourmet toppings, as well as the usual Italian cuisine.  The servings are also quite generous, so share a pizza so you can save space for dessert.  

Khmer BBQ at Sovanna's!
Khmer BBQ at Sovanna's!Khmer BBQ at Sovanna's!

Street 21, Phnom Penh

Super cheap Khmer BBQ - tasty tasty meat, with a mean marinade and DIY-sauce (salt + Kampot pepper + sugar + lime, plus garlic and chilli to taste).  Our favourite is the grilled pork, but beware, if you order different meats don't expect them to come out all at the same time.  The fried corn, the egg fried rice, and the chips were definitely good enough to bring us back on a regular basis.  

Hope that made you all hungry!

xx T (with the help of Claire)


  1. that post made me salivate and miss CambOHdia soooo much!

    1. I am seriously craving the corn from Sovannas!

  2. You meanie... I want good food now but all I have is some tinned tuna and rice crackers haha.

    It is amazing what you can find around the place when you go searching!


    1. Yeah - all this amazing hidden food! Mind you, Perth is getting better. But I am still perpetually outraged at the price of stuff here


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