Freckle & Co.

Happy Monday!  
Think happy thoughts or drink lots of tea & the-day-starting-with-F won't seem so far away :)

Or alternatively, browse Etsy for cute handmade delights to lift your spirits.
Freckle & Co. is a local Etsy store full of the most gorgeous little handmade tassels to treat yourself or a friend (or one for each?)
There's even a selection from which 100% of the profits go to charity... now that's what I call a win-win situation.

Freckle & CoFreckle & Co
Freckle & Co

I found Freckle & Co through S of The Silver Lining & was waiting for the perfect recipient's birthday to finally come around so I could buy one.  It finally did this weekend - happy birthday Sinéad!

Take a peep at Freckle & Co if you're stuck for a gift.
(Mothers' Day soon!)

xx S


  1. S, Thanks for the post! I'm glad they arrived safely!
    For Perth-ians who would like to see Freckle and Co. jewellery in person, they can be also found at The Archive in Freo :), and The Tenth State in Nedlands.
    x Rachel


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