2WW: Cropped Out

Marc Jacobs did it (in 2010).  MMM did it.  Susie did it.  And a whole host of FELLT babes did it too (Sara, Margaret and Zanita).  

Aaaand everyone had mixed reactions...  To this bra-over-normal-clothes thing.

Because really, it is rather ridiculous - wearing underwear as outerwear.  But here we are yet again, taking the piss out of ourselves by seeing if we could in some way be style-conquerers rather than fashion-victims/tragics with this very tricky (non) trend.  Of course, we would NEVER be seen in public with these outfits because frankly we think the fashion folk went a bit too far this time.  I often wonder what has been slipped into those soy chai lattes...  But much hilarity ensued in bringing you this unique 2WW, and we hope you enjoy our wacky Wednesday contribution to your blog reading.  Also, please appreciate the RUSSH-esque photos - we put a lot of work into trying to make it look "arty".

Le Fanciulle (91 of 91).jpg

Let us begin.

Enter the humble Champion sports bra - the star of this post.

Le Fanciulle (64 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (74 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (68 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (72 of 91).jpg
Le Fanciulle (67 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (73 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (69 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (80 of 91).jpg

S's Outfit
The only way to explain this outfit is to admit that I was victim to T attacking me with items in her closet until I resembled a poor attempt at Man-Repeller-style layering.  With parts of this outfit sourced from my car & T's "to sell" bag, it's surprising that it is actually quite a cool combo if you try and shield your eyes from the crop top.

Op shopped shirt
T's khaki Witchery jacket
Faux fur vest
Nobody jeans 

T's Outfit

This one is dedicated to the one and only Sinead.  Of course, I'm hoping she'll instantly see the Battlestar Galactica tribute in the form of excess camo-print and the racerback worn backwards in true asphyxiating style.  I actually quite like this outfit, if only it didn't include the back-tumour-tshirt-lump (not shown) and boob-crushing (shown).

Camo print tee from Bangkok - similar here
DIY twisted jersey skirt
Molten Store necklace

And of course, what outfit post of ours would it be without some good old goofing around.

Le Fanciulle (70 of 91).jpgLe Fanciulle (77 of 91).jpg

Happy hump day!

xx S & T


  1. bahahaha LOVE the last photos! And to be honest with you, I really don't mind the crop over normal clothing look - it can get a bit out of hand sometimes I will admit, but where there is a will to make it look good, there is a way!

    1. Thanks Mon! It was fun trying to make outfits with crop tops on top, although I highly doubt we'd exit the house in them hehe. If you try it- instaproof or it didn't happen.

      S xx

  2. WIN! I actually think you're both GENIUSES! I don't think you've taken it too far, I think these outfits are winners.. but I guess I'd be intimidated to wear it in public too. Meanwhile how amazing is the lighting in your bedroom?

    1. Haha thanks miss!! Too kind :) I challenge you to!

      And yeah- the lighting in T's bedroom is so moody/Russh-esque... perfect for this 2WW I reckon.

      S xx

  3. mon dieu! votzefeug! zis is ehhhmeeyyzin.

    also, photography. tres artistique~

    1. Serrrrrr glad tu aimes ze post, mon cher baleine-ami.


  4. Hahahaa oh man, I just love the BSG inspiration. It's incredible (and actually looks pretty cool) x

  5. Bahahahah RUSSH-esque...but needs more boobs out to be totally authentic!

    1. Trudat. Or no pants or something just as risque haha

  6. Oh and I HAVE to say - love these photos. The lighting is simply gorg x

  7. I have to agree, it actually does look pretty cool! But worth the boob-crushing...?

  8. These are amazing photos, and you guys somehow pull this look off so well! xx


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