DIY Curtain-Tie Camera Straps


I recently got sick of my camera strap in it's boring ugliness.  I had tried to black out the "Nikon" on it with permanent marker, but just succeeded in getting black ink everywhere.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own!

You'll need:
Long curtain ties - I got these from Spotlight
Camera strap attachments - I bought some cheap camera straps off eBay for $1 and hacked these off
Strong glue eg. epoxy
Scissors, needle & thread, glue

Le Fanciulle (20 of 25).jpgLe Fanciulle (21 of 25).jpg

Chop those straps to size.

Le Fanciulle (22 of 25).jpg

Loop the end over, trapping the loop from the curtain tie.  Stitch it down, and then you can add some extra glue to make sure it is sturdy.  Wouldn't want your cam-cam to take a tumble!  Use the pegs to put pressure on the glue, and leave to dry overnight.

Le Fanciulle (23 of 25).jpg
Le Fanciulle (25 of 25).jpgLe Fanciulle (24 of 25).jpg

Attach to your camera and off you go!


xx T



  1. You two are way too clever! This is so easy but so so damn rad! I might try it myself. Now I just need to get a camera...

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment :)

    Great post
    it is very useful
    i will try it

    Have a good one xx'


  3. This is an awesome DIY! I was just searching the internet for fashionable camera straps but many of the nice ones are quite pricey. I'm definitely trying this out on the weekend!

    xx Bo

  4. such a wonderful idea

    p.s. thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post - Mr K is compliant but usually bored ;)

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