2WW: Leather Biker Jacket

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It's been rather nippy this week in Perth.
Can someone explain to me where 'nippy' came from?  Is it actually in reference to nipples?

Anyway, today's 2WW features leather biker jackets - major workhorses in our wardrobes at the moment.

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T's Outfit

Track pants.  I am addicted to track pants.

Topshop leather moto jacket
Zara silk singlet
Sportsgirl trousers
Peeptoe Shoes heels
Country Road faux fur scarf

S's Outfit

As you can probably tell from this conservative skirt and super slick bun, I wore this outfit to the hospital.  A nice bargain op-shopped pencil skirt ($5 I think, and Mum paid... bonus!) made of very comfortable stretchy material for days when we actually have to do stuff.  I mean, we can't exactly spend life prancing around trying to be fasheeeerrnableee, you know.  We kind of have a degree to finish / a job to apply for / a life to live.  Speaking of job applications, that's what I'm meant to be doing right now.  Over & out!

Op shopped Esprit skirt
Country Road top & ballet flats
Just Jeans leather jacket
Vintage bag

xx S & T


  1. 3 years later and I still firmly believe my leather jacket was the most useful item of clothing (sans undies etc. [obviously]) I've ever bought.


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