DIY: Metal Hoop Necklace with Tag

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I was skulking around Spotlight the other day, searching for bits and bobs that would inspire me to whip up a few more DIYs.  Which ended up in a random haul of beading bits, embroidery circle things, fabric paint, and more random junk to add to my collection.  I picked up said metal embroidery circle frame hoop thing (which was a grand $1 might I add) because I was inspired by Balenciaga's halo thing plus some MMM jewellery I had seen.  But I tried to bend the metal - pretty much an impossible feat - so I gave up and ended up making this necklace.  "Dog-tag chic" I think it might be. 

As it turns out, Proenza Schouler released their Pre-Spring looks a week later and my necklace resembles a toned-down version of the one in look 14 (scroll down almost to the bottom).  An uncanny occurrence, but I must say it does look pretty good layered over a turtleneck!  So here we go: my metal tag necklace which is retrospectively inspired by Proenza Schouler!


Metal embroidery hoop (discretely measure it against your neck for size before buying)
 One jump ring in matching metal colour
Metal tag (hunt around at the beading section or buy a pet collar one and get it customised!)
Two diamantes which roughly match the diameter of the cross-section of your embroidery hoop
Epoxy or superglue 


1. Break open the metal embroidery hoop if it's been soldered into a circle.  You might need some pliers for this.  Don't get too crazy and bend it out of shape trying, but once you've opened up the frame make sure the gap is big enough to get around your neck.  See last picture for reference.

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2.  Put a jump ring through the hole in the metal tag, then slide that jump-ring-tag-combo onto your embroidery circle

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3.  Use some strong glue to attach some diamantes to the opened ends of the embroidery ring.  This is mainly so you don't stab your neck and rip out your carotids/jugulars getting the necklace on or off.

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Minimalist chic.  Or fancy pet chic.  Perhaps make a matching one for your furry beastfriend...?

xx T


  1. What a smart idea!
    Now to find myself embroidery hoops...
    The necklace suits you so well.


  2. "fancy pet chic" oh dear, I absolutely adore you and your amazing tutorials!!!


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