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Welcome to our second instalment of our creatives series (see the first post here)!  Today we bring you Alex the dentist-by-day-artist-by-night, who we thought would be an awesome person to chat to for a few reasons.  Firstly, she has a medical background with a healthy dose of artistic nature on the side - call it kindred spirits if you will.  Secondly, on the other end of the spectrum she's just about to start her fashion design course at Curtin University.  So yes, she hasn't yet taken the plunge into the industry yet, but write her name down because she just might be one to watch.  Also, she has the most lust-worthy black and white wardrobe:

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Roll call:

Alexandra Xu.  Work: general dentist in the city.

When did you start painting?
I started sketching as a kid and that evolved to painting when my parents were sure I wouldn't accidently eat the paint.

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Name a few influences on your artistic style:

I am unsure if I have a particular style. However, most of my drawings involve human faces or their skeletal infrastructure.  I find it interesting that faces are unique and each face can look remarkably different depending on the person's emotions at the time.  Also, my work usually involves either 'contrast' or 'duality', e.g. black and white with a focal point of bright colour or faces that are divided in half.  When I get to do pieces just for me, it usually begins because I've seen something random that will influence the whole piece; my most recent painting began after seeing a technicolour umbrella.

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As we rummage in your wardrobe, what can we see? (in order of photos)

Karen Walker
Rick Owens
Gareth Pugh
Prada + Serge rings
Nom *D dress & jacket
Nu Couché
Alexander Wang

Who are 3 people who influence your personal style?

Personal style as in what I wear?  Just 3 people is limiting it a little!
Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Nom *D (Margi Robertson - NZ represent!): almost every season there will be something I love and MUST buy.
Alice Dellal- because she is just so. damn. good looking.
Pierre Balmain because I love his famous quote "good fashion is evolution, not revolution".  Hate it when designers change to follow trends...we all remember the recent neon phase.  Giiirrrrlll, flourescent green ain't a good look, I don't care who tells you it is, THEY ARE LYING.

Do you have any aims for your artwork?

I don't really have aims, I kind of do it for fun. I guess it would be cool to see my art around: cafes, stores, not that I think I'm actually good enough for this to happen but still... a girl can dream!

* Not good enough?  Bah!  If you're a shop/cafe owner or gallery curator and like what you see, please contact Alex!!

What is one interesting quirk about you?

I am crazy superstitious. For example, recently I've started putting on my Serge stacker rings in a particular order and always on the same fingers to avoid bad luck.

Your favourite kind of tea?


Draw yourself in your favourite outfit:


Alexandra loves to sketch portraits - if you're interested in getting one done, give her a holler.  She also tells us that she has just started a new collection (perhaps with an exhibition on the horizon...).  Both ways, you can email her if you would like a better look at her artwork!

xx S & T


  1. Amazing art. I just started to get back into art but this has been a little discouraging.

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Good luck with your creative endeavours, Shann! Personally, I find Alex's art pretty inspiring & hope you feel the same way :)

      Steph x

  2. awesome post!


  3. I'm all for people who aren't afraid of pursuing their creative dreams regardless of where they are at the moment. Such an encouraging post ;)

    1. So are we - sometimes people are just waiting to be in the right moment at the right time! Thanks for your lovely comment :)


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