DIY Sporty Tee

DIY Friday sports shirt

Yeahhh... nahhh... 

You know that I'd rather spend my forty schmackaroons on blueberries or some other equally pretentious-but-tasty food.  It's also pretty much sold out on MarketHQ anyway, so why fret?  Just make your own!  Solve your own problems!  Be your own demi-god(ess)!  Join the "sports-luxe" trend!  We all win!

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DIY Sporty Tee

DIY Friday sports shirt

Rustle up:
An oversized tshirt.  Stolen from boyfriend/fiancee's stash = better.
Masking tape (~1 inch width)
Fabric paint in the colour of your choosing
Plastic bags
Sponge brush

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Firstly, stuff a sleeve so that the material sits relatively taught over the area you're going to paint.  I used a giant bottle, but you could also use some plastic bags filled with newspaper, or a balloon.  Whatever it is, just beware that paint may seep through onto it!

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Start taping carefully from the edge of the sleeve.  The middle strip of masking tape acts as a spacer so that your gaps are even - just pull this off and re-use it for the top space (see below):

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Once you've got all your masking tape in place, pull off the spacer strips where you want the paint to go.  Then press firmly on the remaining tape to make sure you get a good seal.

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Get your fabric paint - I use acrylic mixed with textile medium because it worked out cheaper to buy lots of different acrylic colours.

Le Fanciulle (6 of 7).jpg

GENTLY sponge your paint on.  It might need a fair few coats if you're going white-on-black like mine!  And be careful not to get paint on your fingers then transfer it onto the fabric by accident...  A damp towel fixes most ham-fisted blunders.

Le Fanciulle (7 of 7).jpg

Once you've finished sponging, let the paint dry to touch then take the bottle/form/etc out of the sleeve BEFORE the paint sets fully.  Otherwise you get weird stretchy vs non-stretchy bits which look odd (take a long hard look at the left sleeve in particular).

Do the same on the other side, then you're done!  Too simple!

DIY Friday sports shirt

*filthy hipster photo filters and frames not included.

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  1. so cool! haha xx


  2. Genius! Freakin' genius. Unfortunately with my lack of DIY skill means my sleeve would probably end up with white finger prints all over it, though maybe that could be a new thing? You two are amazing.


    1. I don't think this counts as genius-material Kiara! You just have to be patient and careful - and have a wet cloth handy ;)

  3. You ladies are just too clever. That is all.



  4. what a great idea!!



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