Outfit: Hat Trick

These outfit photos seem to be the only proof that holidays were, in fact, very recently.  It's strange how returning to semester can make you feel you never had a holiday at all!

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Japanese street fashion was definitely on my mind when I pulled this get-up on.  I guess I could have gone more full-on with patterned socks and more layers, but I'll save that for my potential Japan trip at the end of the year.  I also attempted a faux-jumpsuit - the well-matched colours are a result of a Country Road binge before I went to Cambodia last year, so it's made it easy for these sort of combos to be put together.

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Ultimate lazy-ass dressing.  How would you faux a jumpsuit or romper?

Country Road singlet & trousers
Topshop leather moto jacket 
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
Moltenstore necklace
Hat from eBay
Gorman clogs

xx T


  1. So cute - love the hat!
    And I love the fact that you bought the pants for a Cambodia trip, as it is I am going to Cambodia in two weeks and still looking for some comfy, chic pants to take with. Maybe time to check CR again...

    1. Thanks Any!
      CR is quite good at churning out comfy pants - and comfy pants are perfect for getting into temples and being culturally appropriate!!

  2. Super chic. The hat completes the look ;)

  3. "who's that chic?"


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