Through the Looking Glass with Mikey of Stylespiration

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Yeah that's right.

The one and only Mikey John-Markham Walton is our interviewee for today!
Be very excited - go ahead and read more after the jump.

We caught up with our beloved Mikey last week whilst he was working his styling magic on some hair models; despite the morning chill he was effervescent as ever!  Since meeting him for the first time at last year's Perth Fashion Festival Restyle shoot, we've come to recognise Mikey as one of the most genuine people we've ever come across.  He also has quite the knack for styling, and is not afraid to mix high-street with high-end - just check out his TWO Chanel beauties in the following photos!

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Roll call:

I'm Mikey Walton & I'm the Creative Director of my styling company, Stylespiration.
I work with companies such as Westfield, Study Perth, Hart Black, as well as local designers and private clients.  My work sees me styling company campaigns, fashion editorials, runway & fashion shows, clients, & much more.

When and how did you start as a stylist?

I started styling as an assistant 3 years ago; I assisted another stylist for two years & then launched my own business a little over a year ago now.  I have, however, been working in fashion for over eight years.

Who has been your most memorable person to style?

I've styled & worked with some fantastic people along the way, but two of my absolute favourites would be Sarah Danze from Dining With Sarah and Hayley Thompson from Peachy Clean.  Both girls are absolute delights to work with!  Sarah models in a lot of shows for me, as well as hosting shows.  Hayley runs an organic product company, as well as appearing in many advertisements and working in television.

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Name a few influences on your artistic style:

My style is forever evolving, but I look to design heroes Christopher Bailey, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld,  and Haider Ackermann - each with different design elements and aesthetics in their collections.  I combine these elements in creating my own style; from Burberry's preppy-ness, to Haider Ackermann's chic layering, and Chanel's timeless approach.

I'm also inspired by colours, texture & art.  It's the beauty of being a creative person!  I find inspiration in life.

Who is one person - living or dead - who you'd love to style?

What a tough question - I've always loved Anne Hathaway & SJP; Jennifer Lawrence would be a lot of fun.  But I'd have to say Taylor Swift - she hasn't yet had her "wow" moment that the other stars have... I'd love to be the person to help her find this.

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Name three people who influence your own personal style:

My personal style is very unique, but I am obsessed with and inspired by Pelayo Diaz of Kate Loves Me.  He is a truly stylish man & the way he carries pieces like the Celine Boston Luggage tote in hot pink (but makes it seem so masculine!) is a great balance of a feminine piece.  He pushes boundaries in fashion; it's meant to be creative & fun - that's exactly what he does with it.

Secondly, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel.  This is majorly cliche & probably predictable, but the woman was an entrepreneur in fashion.  Reading biographies about her life, how she started and what she achieved is astounding.  Her quotes are infamous & they are always the right advice when getting ready.

Thirdly would have to be Euan Black of HartBlack.  He keeps me grounded yet also constantly supports me in pushing boundaries in fashion.  He supports everything I wear, and it drives me to constantly come up with new ideas & concepts in my own style.  His interior work is also spectacular; the textures & layering he uses always sparks new ideas in my wardrobe and styling work.

What is one interesting quirk about you?

Haha - I have many an interesting quirk I have come to realise!  But one of the most puzzling to people is that I have turophobia - I have an unusual fear of cheese.  All forms, shapes and varieties... Even anything I associate with cheese - pizza, pasta, etc.

Your favourite kind of tea?

I'm actually a big fan of tea & have about 3-4 cups of peppermint tea a day!  So I'd clearly say peppermint.

Draw yourself in your favourite outfit:

Mikey sketch

Thank you so much Mikey for taking the time to chat to us!  Can't wait for the next green smoothie-run!

xx S & T

P.S. Contact us if you'd like to get in touch with Mikey!



  1. Just awesome! I love love love this! The photos, the words, the man, everything. xxx

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    Can I please take one or two photos to out on pixel fb page? :)

    1. We're happy for you to use the photos of the bow tie, provided you give full credit and link back to our blog/FB page :)
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