DIY Leather & Chain Cuff

Chain leather cuff (7 of 7)

It's a super rainy Friday & today we have a very simple Fendi-inspired leather and chain cuff to show you, which is the perfect easy project for an indoor weekend.  When it comes to DIYs, patience is a virtue I'm severely lacking (unless we're talking hand stitching or beading... I could do that til the cows come home), so I have a tendency towards quick & easy DIYs.  Today is no exception!!

Chain leather cuff (1 of 7)

1x chunky chain bracelet
Small piece of leather 
(I harvested some from a failed leather pants -> shorts conversion)
Needle & thread

Chain leather cuff (2 of 7)
Chain leather cuff (3 of 7)
Chain leather cuff (4 of 7)
Chain leather cuff (5 of 7)
Chain leather cuff (6 of 7)

The photos illustrate the very few steps.  The best thing about this project is that if it fails or you hate it, just snip the threads and you have your bracelet back, haha!

I can easily imagine this cuff worn with a plain black dress at night time or (as above) with jeans for day.

Happy weekend :)

xx S


  1. Nice photos!

    The bracelet's pretty sick too.

  2. Nice post, i am very excited to purchase this Leather cuffs bracelet.


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