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It's not often that S & I have "slow" blogging weeks which coincide, but you've probably noticed by our ample excuses that this has been the case for the last month.  I can't say it's conducive to posting when you're separated from your blogging buddy by both time & space, but we're working on motivating ourselves a bit more as we hit the home run to graduation.  Expect to see our Tuesday interview series return soon, as well as some DIY projects once we console ourselves over having to be at the hospital at ungodly hours.  Like 7am.  Seriously, what is wrong with some people?

On a more relevant note to this post, Josh Goot makes some pretty crazy prints & some very quality apparel.  
He also has a very pun-able name...  Feel free to litter the comments below with some goot (or bad) puns.

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Simon also got me a fish-eye lens for my birthday; it is quite the source of amusement.

Merino wool tee
Topshop leather jacket
Josh Goot marble A-line skirt
Peeptoe shoes

xx T



  1. Nice skirt, it's very, how shall I say.......goot?

  2. oh my Josh, Goot photos! I TOOK THOSE

  3. You guys are gootjus! Love Adele

  4. LOL I love the goot jokes. I have to say you're looking pretty goot-ilicious ;)

    Ahh I want to get a fisheye for the same reason - have you found it great for landscape/scenery shots?

    1. Hehehe goot one :P

      Will tweet ya the deets re the fisheye

  5. Always love a bit of Josh Goot!

    And the last picture is too cute! I've been wanting to get a fisheye for years but really never got around to it.


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