Serious Musings about Hair

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This post should definitely be dedicated to cool spotlights found in creepy car parks, as well as the shadows they create, but since there's pretty much nothing more I have to say on the matter, it will be dedicated to hair instead.
More specifically, embracing one's hair.  After a long battle with the hermione-esque mane that I was granted at birth, the journey to hair peace has begun. Accepting the truth of your own hair can be tough, especially when you've always admired hair the complete opposite to your own.  But the real issue is that fighting your natural hair can turn into a daily battle which escalates into a huge time (life) waster.  That is time you'll never get back, ladies.

These days, I save the nuclear attack on my hair (weapon of choice: GHD) for rare occasions and even then, I try to enhance what I was given instead of attempting to transform into BeyoncĂ© pre-crop.  It's easier, your hair stays happier and you're left with more time to eat/drink tea/sleep.

If all else fails, there's always a bun.

And now, the outfit.

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Saba top
Op shopped Country Road pants
Op shopped shoes
Mumsy's vintage bag

xx S


  1. I like using liberal amounts of Sleekeazy's Hair Potion.

  2. Nice find with the Op shopped country road pants! I am in love with the bag too! :)
    (and I feel your pain on the hair front... moroccan oil had been my saviour)


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