Outfit: Denim & Leather

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"What are you turd burgers talking about?  Dressing for comfort?" - Fat Amy, Pitch Perfect

With the exception of my Saturday night outfit (BTW Bon if you're reading this - you did a great job with my Student Runway outfit however I was looking too super squinty to squeeze into this post), this was one of the few days of PFF on which I had (a) bothered to wear heels, & (b) had a photographer (Simon, below) handy to snap my outfit in decent non-squinty lighting.  Comfort dressing was key this year for both S & I, as we nipped backstage & crammed ourselves into corners to get the shots whilst trying not to get in the way.  Not a task to perform in full fash-pack get-up!    

Also, this is one of my tried-&-tested weekend looks.  Leather & denim is quite the killer combo - I'll be switching the trousers for shorts in the coming month as it starts to thaw out.

PFF2013 (42 of 49).jpgPFF2013 (40 of 49).jpg
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MNG sunglasses
General Pants denim shirt
Axara leather trousers (from Camodia! Who buys leather pants in 30 degree heat??)
Peeptoe Shoes heels
LV Speedy 25
Hat c/o Peachy

Zara pull-over
Hat c/o Peachy

xx T



  1. Nice one! Love this look, T! And I've been loving your PFF coverage!

  2. You cool looking people! xx


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