Outfit Inspiration: Comfortable

PFF is this week.  What is also this week, is the start of a new rotation, which inevitably means impeccable university attendance & minimal time to get primped & primed for shows.  A minor overlook on our part, but hey, we're going to be "real doctors" next year & should probably start working on the knowledge-base to go with that austere title.  Therefore I will have you know that I will not be donning anything spectacular this year (not that I ever do anyway...) & will rather be drawing on the ladies below for comfort-wear inspiration & suitably following suit.  

All street style photos from Stockholm Fashion Week by the Queen of laid-back, Scandi-cool herself - Caroline Blomst.  


On the topic of street style, if you're heading to the free shows this Saturday & Sunday afternoon, I will probably be lurking around taking snaps outside Fashion Central.  Come say hello & get your photo taken!

xx T


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  1. These ladies have showed us that simplicity rocks xx


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