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Following on from S's med dinner inspiration post, here's mine.

If you follow me on ye olde insta', you'll have known that last week I bit the bullet and sunk my teeth into one of these Sarina Suriano ear cuffs (currently sold out, soz...).  A bit of sparkle to brighten up a black dress.  Now what to do with my hair...?  Here's some inspiration - perhaps a side braid since my hair keeps getting caught in my bling?  However, I'm still stuck on the photo below with Cassi van den Dungen (blue background).  You'll know tomorrow which hairstyle I decide to go with!

med dinner hair inspiration
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Ling Ling you forgot your bling bling.

Any hair suggestions welcome - not too complex though, because I'm doing it myself.

x T


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  1. i reckon slicked to the side - kinda oil effect. kinda like the top left pic.

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