DIY Inspiration: Tory Burch

Well here is Tory Burch hardly being original in her latest wares available on Net-A-Porter.  

And I guess I'm not being too original posting these here as DIY inspiration since these look-a-likes have been around the traps from Phillip Lim to Markus Lupfer in the last year alone.  Pro-tip?  Stick beads on ERRRTHANG!  However, in this latest instalment of things-Trish-would-make-if-she-was-on-holiday-&-had-more-money, one can see how stinkingly easy it would be to re-vamp a boring op-shopped piece into something bedazzling.  

jumper   jumper2

You'll just need some beads and quite a lot of patience to save yourself $500 (or $1000 if you're planning on blinging-up both a sweater & a shell top).  It can be done!

On another note, S got her hair coloured by Circles of Subiaco yesterday - can't wait to show you pictures!!


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