Eat Out: Marie Antoinette Cafe Glacier

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Ok so I'm actually going back to Japan for Christmas & New Years with Simon, which is of course going to be a super adventure doing lots of non-touristy things since we've both been before.  However, after visiting this tres mignon cafe on Sunday in the pouring rain, a little part of me wishes to be visiting Paris again.  America is top of the list for next holiday destination (Devan & Aaron will slay me otherwise), but oh to return to Paris!  Eating hot galettes whilst walking towards the Pont Alexandre III in the brisk wind, ordering macarons from Laduree in my broken French.  You get my point, I'm in love with the city.

If you're having the same predicament as me, break out your freshest Breton-stripe bateau-neck & take a trip to Cottesloe to visit the Marie Antoinette Cafe Glacier (the ice-cream parlour kind of glacier, not the ice cavern kind).  Authentic crepes & galettes, ice-cream roses, & more pastries than you could possibly drool at - and very much not trop cher!  Simon & I gobbled down our mushroom galette & croque-monsieur very quickly to get to the treats, which are not to be missed.  Ice-cream addicts beware, you'll be back.

I for one might be back today after a 4-hour exam with S in tow...

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Marie Antoinette Cafe & Glacier 
38 Napoleon St, Cottesloe

xx T


  1. My Instagram feed is just chock full of Paris related things at the moment. Makes me want to go back so baaaaddd! Will have to take a leaf out of your book and visit some of my favourite Parisian themed haunts in Brisbane.

    1. Instagram is THE WORST when you're craving travel! It is such a tease.
      Take some snaps when you find somewhere in Brisbane, we'd love to see your finds.

      Steph x

  2. Crepes & ice-cream are literally the two best things ever. Haha!!!
    I'd love to go back to France too.

    x Stace

    1. Haha, we agree! Two major incentives to return to Pareeee ;)

      Steph x

  3. Ahh! I've been to Paris 3 times but always miss out on the flower ice-cream! Can't believe I'll have a chance to try it out here. Thanks for the head's up!

    1. Wow 3 times! You're beating my two, but hopefully I'll be able to make it 3 one of these years. Isn't Paris so addictive?

      Steph x


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