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Photos of my photobooks from 2010

The countdown is on - Simon & I will be heading to Tokyo over Christmas & New Year.  Since I was rather useless in Cambodia & Bangkok, I've decided this time I'll pull my weight a bit more & do a bit of research on things to do in Tokyo.  I visited with my family in 2010 & we've dubbed it our best holiday of all time - there were no obligations to see family & the atmosphere was just so different to anywhere else in SE Asia.  So this time, given that Simon & I have seen most of the standard tourist attractions, we'll be heading off the beaten track to check out some of the cooler, hidden things Tokyo has to offer.  We've watched Lost in Translation & re-hashed Memoirs of a Geisha, as well as cooked ramen from scratch in preparation.  Here are a couple of blogs & websites I've stumbled across to help me in this process - I know quite a few of my friends are heading over to Japan at the end of the year so hopefully these will come in handy!  

Ebony Bizys is the crafty lady behind those Romance Was Born "Kawaii Hawaii" prints!  She made a Tokyo guide zine, but it's now sold out...  I guess I'll just have to read all of her blog posts and take notes.

Hiki also has design roots & takes some of the most lovely photos - very much in the style I like to shoot in when I travel!  

Kinfolk - Tokyo: Instant Extraction
Fostering my newfound taste for coffee, perhaps Simon & I will have to hit up these joints for some caffeine.  Omotesando Koffee has popped up on multiple guides, so that might be the first stop.

Haven't used a Conde Nast guide before, but having a quick look at the articles on offer has already piqued my interest!

Kate Spade - Shibuya & Roppongi
Roppongi in particular I'm a bit wary of since it's the red-light district, but apparently there are some good bars and restaurants there.  This time we'll know what we're going for I guess, instead of stalking following a 6-ft transvestite in a leopard fur coat on the subway.  True story.

Bento - Tokyo Food Page
Japanese food.  Yes.

Hit me up with any recommendations if you've got them!

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  1. Japan at Christmas will be amazing! I also love the Hello Sandwich blog, some really cute things make their way on to there. I can't recommend anything as I've never been but have a wicked awesome time!

    The Fashann Monster

  2. Yeah girl! This post is absolutely perfect for me as I'll be heading to Japan in January, and boy oh boy how I can not wait. It's ridiculously ridiculous that I have actually not been to Asia as of yet. Honestly, I can't wait for an infusion of authentic Japanese cuisine, ancient history and pop culture, and of course a whole lot of snowboarding! Thank goodness it doesn't get as cold in Japan as it does in Canada.

    Checking out the links now!


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