Outfit: Le Boston Terrier

There aren't that many ways to cheer yourself up whilst doing a 4 hour multi choice exam, but I'd say wearing a kooky jumper and polka dots would come close.  Another option is to have a post-exam pig out.  We recommend both methods.

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Jumper - c/o Skip n Whistle
Jeans - Dr Denim from General Pants
Sunglasses - Le Specs from General Pants
Shirt - from Recollections
Shoes - Country Road
Bag - vintage

800th post on this little blahg!  Hurrah!

Peel them eyes, folks, because post #801 is sure to be fab if past Times Square Claremont events are anything to go by.

xx S

PS: Skip n Whistle are offering 15% off your next purchase with the code Fanciulle15, which brings these cute jumpers & tshirts down to a very reasonable price indeed!  Shop here.

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  1. I have my first exam in four years in a couple of weeks, and I will be taking your advice. Pig outs most def!


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