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Peachy is my personal favourite store of the year in terms of clothes.  
Not because this interview is with Bec & Jules - the ladies behind the concept store in the heart of Shenton Park, but because it offers everything I like to wear with the super-relaxed vibe that reminds me of weekends & holidays hanging out with S.  
(Which, might I remind you, are super close!  4 days to go until study week!)  

Trying to achieve Perth laid-back cool instead of Perth just-plain-lazy?  Then pay a visit to 204 Nicholson Road for a refreshing dose of dressing for comfort.  And try not to blow your budget on the Current Elliotts they have in store.  Breaking our tradition of e-interviews, I caught up with Bec & Jules a couple of weeks ago to chat about their exciting joint venture - interview after the jump.

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Roll call:

B: Bec Davis - I'm the co-owner of Peachy, Shenton Park.
J: And I'm Jules - the other co-owner of Peachy.  And it's all good!

Can you tell us a bit about how Peachy came to be?

B: We were styling & doing a blog, and everybody would ask us where we would shop in Perth.  We got the feeling that there wasn't anyone doing exactly what we wanted, so we decided to do it ourselves.

J: Yeah - that's right!  I mean I haven't worked for a few years since I had kids, so the blog is all where it started.  And now we find ourselves here - because it's a whole lot easier to run a shop than blog to 3 in the morning with small children!  I love coming here!

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Those exclusive black Sarina Suriano ear cuffs are still in stock!!  Post-exam present to myself?

What do you hope to offer the folks of Perth with your store?

J: I think it all comes down to offering clothes people want to wear - just real clothes which are comfortable & awesome - keeping a bit more real than other boutiques.

B: I think Perth is quite relaxed, whereas we have a lot of other boutiques offering really dressy clothes which I'm not convinced everyone is wearing.  I mean - they're beautiful, but they're not suiting our lifestyle.

J: I don't think that's what everyone is heading around in during the day - you want to feel good and look awesome, and you can't do that if you're all up-tight in a structured number!

B: And I don't want to shop at malls, I want the boutique experience.


What are the benefits of having a partner in crime?

J: It's the best thing in the world!

B: I could not possibly do it on my own.  And because we both have young families as well, it would otherwise be impossible to do.

J: It means we can have our life balance - and we're also happy to be here when we're here.  It's exciting - we can balance it out and have holidays, and laugh about things together!

Name 3 people who influence your personal style:

B: Caroline Blomst from Stockholm Streetstyle, and Pip Edwards.

J: I'm a bit obsessed with Christine Centenera, but I don't get around looking like her.  I'm a fan of her style, but obviously she's up there in terms of the fashion industry.

B: Alexa Chung's got it all going on too.

J: Yeah people like that - easy dressing.  Caroline Blomst is a winner for me too.  But generally speaking a bit of "model-off-duty" where they just look awesome wearing jeans & a t-shirt.  The way they put it together with the low key hair - that's a bit of what we're trying to do here.

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Describe your own personal style:

B: Pretty relaxed?  Definitely casual - I freak out at the idea of going to a black-tie thing.  I end up wearing a suit normally!  You can't get me to dress!

J: Yeah relaxed.  That's a hard one actually - we do like a bit of sport influence, I don't like to use the term "sport luxe" because that's bandied around a bit, but it's definitely a bit sport-inspired.

B: We're kind of similar but not...

J: There's things Bec would wear that I wouldn't and vice versa, but generally we do love a lot of the same things.  Casual with a bit of an edge - luxury fabrics and finishes but not fussy and complicated.

B: Yeah - I mean when you get to a certain stage, a lot of the other mums shop at Country Road & Scanlan & Theodore, which are beautiful but everyone is wearing it.  We just want to wear stuff that not everyone has on, and mix it up.  We really like to mix high-end pieces with other things.

J: Otherwise it'd be too dressy for me and I'm not that sort of person especially during the day.  I've just learnt to bring everything down and I've discovered that's just more "me" than ever.


What is one interesting quirk the other person?

 J: with eyes widening in terror

B: The EYES!  What she did just then!! When we are buying I can tell straight away if she doesn't like something because she does that thing with her eyes - they open up really really wide & I then go "oh... perhaps not!"  

J: Oh that's funny!!  Well I hadn't really thought about it, but one thing that Bec does is that she starts rearranging things

B: I do like neatness and tidiness!

J: Yes you do, but when you've made a decision, that's what you do!

B: Do you think people notice that?

J: I dont know!  I've just picked up on a few things!  If the decision's made then that's the one for you!  We don't fluff around with things hah!

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When I get dressed in the morning I...

B: ... have to be comfortable and look good.

J: ... have to start with the shoes - I have to know I'll be comfortable with the shoes all day, then I work backwards.

Your favourite kind of tea?

J: tea, is that a drink?

B: English breakfast for me!

J: Oh, peppermint!

A sketch of yourselves in your favourite outfit:

B: Jules will have to do that...

And she did indeed!

Le Fanciulle Sketch
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You can check out the runway show they put together for PFF, or head to their facebook to find out more.

A huge thank you to Bec & Jules who've put up with our incessant e-nagging to get this interview done, & for sending over their sketch at 12:30am.  Phew!  Hope the pictures & insight into the world of these two stylish ladies makes you want to go and check out the Peachy store!  It's definitely well worth it & stocks the likes of Sarina Suriano, Current Elliott, L'America, Nobody Denim, & more!

xx S&T



  1. Absolutely in love with Peachy and these ladies. Seriously too cool. I can never decide what I want when I get in there though. Too much. Also obi so much love for Caroline Blomst. Killer. xx Jenelle


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