Holiday Reads #1

Seeing as things are changing in this little web-based hood, we may as well begin a new post series titled Holiday Reads.

In primary school I always read whatever my best friend read, as she had impeccable literary taste and was a serious book worm.  When high school came, I replaced her with my younger sister who had similar book-choosing abilities and level of literacy to me. (I lagged, don't laugh.)

Now, though, proper novels have taken second place to fat text books.  In an attempt to reignite the flame, I decided to ease myself into reading fiction with Man Repeller's Seeking Love, Finding Overalls.  Ok, fine, it's not even fiction.  Whatever.  Review below.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.58.07 pm

Seeking Love, Finding Overalls is, to sum it up quickly, a collection of easy to read and hilarious essays.  It's for lovers of Leandra Medine's writing style, both crass and brutally honest.  I would not recommend this book to people who squirm at reading her blog or even for someone who has never read the blog as it would be shocking to the max!

I so highly recommend this LOL-of-a-book that I planned to buy it for T for Christmas.  Obviously I can't do that now because I've a feeling she reads this blog (har har har), but you can still add it to your list! 

Happy (almost) Summer!

xx S


  1. Can I suggest "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak? Get in on it before the movie comes out :)

    Set in World War II Germany, written from the perspective of Death.

    1. Hey Peter :) I actually read that book in high school can you believe! And looooved it. Can't wait for the movie.
      Any more similar recs? ;)

      Steph x

  2. the book thief was life-changing. loved it.

    have you read the classics?
    - gone with the wind
    - wuthering heights
    - persuasion
    - the picture of dorian gray
    - the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
    all EXCELLENT books

    i also love the northern lights series by phillip pullman - the golden compass, the subtle knife and the amber spyglass (although he is a staunch atheist, his books are brilliantly written)

    oh and ender's game - the movie is coming out soon. excellent and easy to read. also read the sequel ender's shadow.

    ok i should stop now before i get more carried away...

    reckless abandon blog

    1. I think I'm going to have to add that to my reading list! And the last time I tried to read Wuthering Heights in year 8 it flew over my head. Might try it again this summer...

      x T


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