T's Lunchtime Lust List: Friday

Ooops - guess who was too busy studying and forgot all about this post?  ME!  Being able to focus for over an hour is a rare occurrence, so forgive me for neglecting my lunch & lunchtime blog contribution.  

The sun is shining out side, and I RSVP-ed yes to a pool party next week without any bathers to sport, so today's lust list is all about swimwear.  Unbeknownst to S, I'm also actually signed up to a scuba-diving course, hence the abundance of sports-inspired togs below.  Don't want to lose a bikini top when I'm attempting to exit the water like a Bond-girl.  Hahaha one can dream.

I'm foreseeing the use of a one-piece as a body-suit too.  Plus it means I can slack off ab-wise.
That's a win-win situation in my books!



  1. Stay-on factor very important! That burgundy number is schwim sexxxxxxy. I'm all about the one piece this season, so easy to just chuck on shorts & go!

  2. Love these sporty swimwear choices



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