T's Lunchtime Lust List: Monday

Aaaand it's study week again.  Which means two things: no outfit posts this week because we can't be bothered changing out of our pyjamas, and secondly the exam-related "treat yo'self" mentality is alive and well.  The good thing is that I'm currently saving for Japan & medical registration just took a huge chunk out of my savings so there will be limited online-spending going on over here in my study cave.  That doesn't mean I can't still post about it during my lunchtime study breaks, coming to you Mon-Fri all this week.  Hide away those credit cards.

1. A Hat.

Sun-smart (not that I go out in the sun that much anyway) & head-warming for Japan.  Currently two main players in the Australian market - Bec & Bridge + Akubra ($$$) and Lack of Colour ($), both offering an array of delectable hues to choose from.



** EDIT: there's a new kid on the block re: wool fedoras - Lyla&Bo have just started up! Check out their facebook or instagram for more :)


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