T's Lunchtime Lust List: Wednesday

I've been scouting around online for a good Japan coat - my black Topshop one has served me well for the past 3 years so I think it's time to branch out colour-wise.  On discussion with S, I've decided I'll bring what I have with the potential to look for one there so I can try it on; the length and general over-sized shape that is trending this season might just make me look like a little lump of pudge!

Some personal considerations in my coat-hunt:
1. Shape - ovoid/oversized could very well just swamp my tiny frame.
2. Length - no further than the knees or it'll be midget-time
3. Colour - play the trend game (i.e. anything pink or plaid?) or play it travel-safe neutral?
4. Cost per wear - I wear coats in Perth Winter anyway so this might be alright...
5. Thickness - something that is really made for real Winters!

Like I said, I'm not going to buy until I try.  But for those who are in a similar predicament & can't hold off, here are my favourite 4 coats that won't deplete your overseas-spending-money, courtesy of Asos & Topshop.




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