Japan Winter Packing Guide

In one week exactly I'll be on a plane with Simon, jetting over to Tokyo!  I'm keen to not look like a total daggy tourist this time, so here is my proposed packing plan (which will also make it tres easier to get my stuff together, as I know I'll be chucking things into my suitcase at the nth hour as per usual).  With a relatively dry, mild Winter (compared to other countries, NOT Perth), it's quite easy to pack for Japan when you're not going snowboarding or out into the snowy areas.  Not shown below are thermals - an absolute must.  Spend more on these and you won't be cursing yourself later!

My packing list:

Outerwear: MNG coat, Witchery fur coat, Topshop leather jacket
Knitwear: Country road grey jumper, Trenery white jumper, Polo Ralph Lauren navy jumper, Uniqlo knit dress
Mid-layers: Country Road white silk shirt, General Pants denim shirt
Bottoms: leggings, Nobody Cult skinnies in "Addict" blue & black, Axara leather trousers
Footwear: Nike Free Trains & Sky Hi dunks, Acne Pistols in chestnut
Leather goods: Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, gloves
Accessories: Asos earmuffs, Topshop snood, Country Road fur scarf, navy eBay beanie, Asos beanie
Eyewear: RayBan Clubmasters, Karen Walker Numer 1s
Potential extras (not shown): Mimco scarf, Lyla & Bo wool felt fedora, Nobody boyfriend jeans

I'll report back with what went well & what didn't after my trip!



  1. That sweater dress is luxe! & this is such a cool guide. Putting my camera in my bag kills my shoulder though. I just hang it over my shoulder (dunno why that doesn't hurt lol) or give it to someone else hehe

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Thanks Shann!
      I usually do tote my camera around on its shoulder strap in Perth, but in Japan it'll be freezing so it will be living in my bag to keep it protected & ensure my batteries last all day! (learnt this the hard way last time...)

  2. YAY JAPAN! Hot tips, wish I'd know this before I went and, lugging a suitcase full of crazy shit, wore the same jeans/jumper/coat/boots every day.

    1. Hahaha yup - this is my second time & now I know that the only crazy thing to bring would probably be a second coat because it's freaking cold & you just stop caring about what to wear :P


  3. Oh I hope you have the most incredible time! After looking like a dag in past holidays I'm always so keen to look at least a little 'chic' when I travel now. Hope you post some photos after your trip x

    1. Thanks Jaime-Lee! Yup - in the same boat; I'm not keen on bringing my China puffer jacket to Tokyo and emit the total tourist vibe. And don't you worry - there'll be lots and lots of photos since I got into the habit of editing photos daily whilst away in Cambodia. A stitch in time saves nine! (or 9000 shots to edit later...)

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