Outfit: Kaleidoscope

The question how do you plan an outfit? is not exactly keeping-you-up-at-night material, but once you've found the answer it does make getting dressed much easier.  A fool-proof method I use is to base your outfit around one multi coloured piece of clothing that you love (e.g. this Ginger & Smart silk top) and go from there!  I mean, you can trust a designer like that to choose good colours, so why not go with their flow? ;)

Sadly there's no pic of the back of the top... it has a HOOD!!

lefanciulle (2 of 7).jpg
lefanciulle (2 of 12).jpg

Ginger & Smart top
Leather pencil skirt
Witchery sandals
Le Specs Runaways sunnies

I wore this for lunch at Bread In Common (see yesterday's post) with my ladehs.

xx S



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