Reflective post (so cheesy)

Today's a big day for the S & T conglomerate.  A huge day!  Helloooo work.

At the same time as moving forwards, we'll take a peep backwards into a few of the presents I received at Christmas, since that's around the last time I checked in here.  Each item is a current or chronic obsession of mine, see if you can figure them out.

Reflective post (so cheesy)
Reflective post (so cheesy)
Reflective post (so cheesy)

1 - my family knows me well! notebooks & tea.
2 - handmade, fabric-covered blank books from my sister
3 - a full time job is no excuse to become a lazy bum (remind me of this if I slack off, friends)
4 - okay so now I've planned the interior, it's time to find an exterior

Photos shot with a very non-blogger pale blue crumpled sheet, because real bloggers have crisp white sheets & one of those I certainly am not ;)  Really, who has time to iron their sheets?

xx S


  1. I never iron my sheets either! Good luck to you both starting work as doctors, what an exciting time. Love those fabric covered books - a great DIY idea :)

  2. I totally agree with you about the sheets! ... I don't know how anyone can have time to iron them!
    Good luck with your first week of work, how very exciting! xx


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