Outfit: Detox


Just a simple Australia Day outfit to see me through family lunch + fireworks + bbq + family partay + 4 hours of Articulate.

Country Road shorts
Witchery shoes
Le Specs sunnies
Op shopped top & vintage bag

It's interesting, this life change from a student to a full time hospital frequenter.  Things totally unrelated to medicine seem to have changed at the same time.  See, I find myself barely interesting in the circus of fashion anymore... dressing myself, yes, admiring well dressed people, yes, and chatting about styles etc, yes! but reading oodles of blogs & pouring over fashion shows? not so much.  At exactly the same moment, I have decided that everything in my wardrobe suits 'old steph' and therefore I have nothing to wear, the catch cry of women everywhere that never usually crosses my lips.   I don't know.  Maybe it's temporary.  Maybe it's Maybelline?

The outfit above is a result of this dilemma.  I have resolved to dress simply until I figure out what I do want to wear.  Anything I consider to wear in the morning, but disregard because I don't like it anymore, gets put in a big bag to hibernate and be sorted through at a later date.

Does anyone have any tips for this?  Am I the first person to have what is perhaps becoming a fashernnn revolution?  haha #pleasehelp

xx S

PS Thanks PX for the photo.  More here.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, they have been worn to death this summer! S xx

  2. Somehow both elegant and cute.

  3. I've been having the exact same problem! It's quite daunting but I'm slowly going through my wardrobe and stashing anything I don't absolutely love into bags. I'm hoping to have a big garage sale and use the money I make to buy a few good quality things that will help me pull together all my favourite pieces... that's the plan anyway! x Hannah

    1. Sounds like a plan, Hannah. The only thing is - I'm worried I'll end up culling everything and having nothing to wear!! That's why I'm trying out boring-ish outfits like the one above, and just varying it to suit different occasions.. hopefully then I'll have enough to wear during the cull phase :)
      Steph x

  4. I would never know that you were in a style rut - you look adorable! But I know what you mean about "not having anything to wear".

    1. Oh thanks, you're very kind. Thanks for stopping by! Steph :)

  5. Hmn...I think the fact that you have progressed to another stage in life might have triggered that. I'd say give it some time, don't try and chuck everything out (yet)... And perhaps slowly re-evaluate the person that you're trying to present to the outside world. If for whatever reason you still couldn't find that 'old Steph' back in a couple of months, then it's time a for a wardrobe overhaul!!! x


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