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Hello readers!  I apologise for the total radio-silence on my part (you've probably cottoned on to the fact that the daily street-style photos are all scheduled so I can catch up on sleep).  As it turns out, working 3pm to 1am results in many things such as slacking off on exercise, generally bad hair, and non-existent blogging.  Wedding planning is also taking preference over all other things (yes, wedding planning!).  Therefore I've come to the conclusion that rotating shifts just don't allow one to form proper daily rituals (which I am in serious need of) hence I feel emergency medicine will not be the vocation for me!

That said, I do manage to get out on my days off and always have the camera in tow!  Now if only my days off matched S's...

The above outfit has been my current uniform for the last few weeks - boyfriend jeans (who'd have thought I'd embrace them??), and this Rodarte tee which you'll see in a few more outfit posts.  I got it in Japan - speaking of which, more photos will be up on the blog sometime soon... when I get around to them!

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Rodarte tee
Nobody "Beau" boyfriend jeans
Bloch pumps

A few notes on how I'd change the styling of this outfit to look less midget-y: 1. chop the jeans shorter so the cuff is less ridiculous (done!), 2. balance the baggy bottoms with a tighter top next time, and 3. higher shoes for a better leg-length.  Self-assessment is a good way to learn!

xx T



  1. Love the tee & your roster seems so exhausting I'm tired just from reading about it! Glad to hear you get to squeeze a few photos in on days off though! Looking forward to more Japan pictures!

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Cheers Shann!
      Yeah it's pretty tiring and I wish I could just have more energy to cram more into my day...
      Oh well, we soldier on ;)

      xx T


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