The Bodhi Tree

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Eating & trying out new cafes is definitely a favourite pastime of mine, so luckily I have sisters and other assorted human beings who happily accompany me on such outings.  In this case, it was more me doing the accompanying, but still... Rach & I loved our taste tester of the book-cafe that is The Bodhi Tree in Mount Hawthorn. 

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Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorn

Yummy coffee, a peaceful cafe, lovely staff, healthy treats.
Conveniently close to shopping strips of both Mt Hawthorn & Leederville.  Ideal Saturday outing!
Also a treasure trove of things you could use as gifts for almost anyone, including yourself, the perfect recipient.

xx S

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  1. My friends got a few Christmas gifts from here, and the bonus was adding a quartz or stone in as a little something extra. Good to know the coffee is good too. xx Jenelle


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