Back into...

... street style by LF!
Uniqlo cardigan, Comme des Garcons pouch, Karen Walker sunglasses, Senso sandals

Finally got my ass back into action and took some street style photos on my day off last week.  The new game-plan is to trickle them out every couple of days instead of going insane with daily photos - it's just a bit too much to keep on top of, especially with full-time work!  But I did survive my first day without too much freaking out, which is always a good sign.  Back to the blogging action later this week when we settle into our new jobs - did I mention I'm back to having normal-person hours and no more overnight shifts?  This is one very happy chappy.



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  1. Oh boy, I could not even imagine having to work night shift! I don't think my body could ever agree to do so either, since I'm usually snuggled in bed by 9:00PM these days. Congratulations to both of you on your new careers by the way! And somehow managing to keep Le Fancuille going. Very impressive.



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