Outfit: Leather & Lime

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Okay, so it isn't strictly lime green, but I'm not sure what to call this colour.

This is what I wore to the latest blog gath and is a pretty good idea of the simplicity with which I've been dressing this Summer.  I suppose, all in all, nothing too fanceh but not too boring either.  Little discovery: don't wear a leather mini on an over-35 degree day.  Gross.

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Gorman tshirt
Vintage leather mini skirt
Commes Des Garcons pouch

Check out that last photo.  WHERE HAS MY OTHER LEG GONE?

xx S


  1. That bag goes so well with your outfit! It looks great on you. I hope you bought it!

    1. Oh gosh, if only I had that much spare cash to splash on a 1k bag! Although I'm not sure I would do it if I had the cash anyway... time to find a cheaper, equally as soft and leathery alternative :)
      Steph x

  2. Cute skirt! Great vintage find! I've got my Marcs leather skirt just waiting for the cold weather to finally settle in so I can bust it out again!

    Sarah xoxo

    1. Very smart of you to wait until it cools down to whack out the leather :P
      Steph xx


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