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Okay I did promise to keep you updated re: wedding planning, but to be honest I haven't actually done very much other than doodle around on my tablet & come up with this inspiration jumble for my gorgeous stylist Jess from The Butcher, The Baker, The Stylist & Creator (who, by the way, is quite the awesome lady).  

Pictures galore after the jump. (it's the plus sign to the right)

Not sure if you'd have picked it, but I am quite laid-back to the point of being pure lazy and out of the loop much of the time.  Somewhere along the line from age two to twenty-two, I also missed out on this memo requiring all females to plan & envision their dream wedding.  Thank goodness my mum & friends were around to bug me into actually thinking about something wedding-related, or else I'd be venue-less & in a fluff right about now.  I personally don't think I have the capacity to unleash a bridezilla from within, but who knows, something could definitely catalyse its horrific emergence and then you'll all have one hell of a time.  Well, S & my mum will have one hell of a time.

Anyway, one specific nag-errific topic that has kept on popping up was a colour-theme.  See above, folks?  I finally sat down and did it.  Now dress accordingly and ooh-and-ahh to my collection of inspiration photos below.

Untitled 2

Foliage on the table or foliage in the sky??  Or both?  Or perhaps neither?
Urgh, too many options.

Yours forever in unenthusiastic laziness,


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